Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning is not just water, plus bucket, plus liquid soap, plus squidgy, equal clean windows. It is more like clean windows equal an appearance that equals first impressions which lead to success. Why have windows that distract from the appearance of your building? Litter Guyz is a leading window cleaning service provider in the Ottawa area – delivering the best building cleaning and maintenance, and other janitorial services. With a world-class team that comprises employees & associates that are highly trained professionals, we are able to provide complete window cleaning solutions for both residential and commercial properties.

Litter Guyz Professional Window Cleaning Services

Trust Litter Guyz, the most reliable window cleaning company offering the residential and commercial services covering all windows glasses and doors. We believe in the quality of work and offer the professional window cleaning services throughout the greater Ottawa area and the surroundings, inluding:

 Residential Window Cleaning

Here at Litter Guyz – we provide professional, top quality residential window washing and cleaning throughout the Ottawa area. We have satisfactorily served thousands of happy residents and clients in Ottawa – and we have been adjudged as the best service provider in this regards. This can be credited to our consistent service provision and values. We are the Ottawa window cleaning company that always strives to provide an easy and seamless cleaning experience for all our clients. We simply leave your windows cleaner than before by providing the professional window cleaning in your area. This helps to make your home appear really clean and accommodating!
We help clean your window pane, including the interior and exterior surfaces, doing so with absolute care. With our experienced cleaners – we will professionally clean your screens and wipe off every dirt, and stain. If your window has paint stain or anything worse, count on us to help eliminate it.

 Commercial Window Cleaning

We also provide the best of Ottawa Commercial Window Cleaning which comprises cleaning the interiors and exteriors. We can help clean paint stains and also provide hard water removal with skylight cleaning. We provide the most reliable commercial window cleaning Ottawa for every specific business in Ottawa & Gatineau area.

 Post Construction Window Cleaning

If you want the best Ottawa Post Construction Window Cleaning – we can help clean the entire area so that whatever dirt or stains the construction project might have left behind on your windows is totally taken care of by our experts. No matter the level of dirt, we will carefully check and clean each window surface with absolute caution to prevent scratches.

We are dedicated to providing the best window cleaning services, the fit your budgets, your time and your needs. That is why Litter Guyz is different. We care about the business owner making changes in our community and we want to help maintain your work windows clean.

Our Window Cleaning Process

Most homeowners are busy with work and thus may not have the time to clean windows. This is because the entire process can be time consuming and overwhelming, and also dangerous to do. At Litter Guyz – we know how valuable our clients’ time is; hence our trained and certified technicians are 24/7 ready to handle the washing and cleaning for you.
Below is our three step window cleaning process that leaves your window sparkling and cleaner.

  • We wash, scrub and clean your windows to remove grease buildup, eliminate grime and airborne pollutants.
  • We utilize professional-grade products and advanced equipment for cleaning – ensuring removal of about 99.9% of water and grime from the glass pores and surface.
  • We wipe the window edges and sills, cleaning and drying the surface and leaving behind nothing but 100% clean and sparkling glass.

Window Washing, Gutter Cleaning & Soft Pressure Washing Services

As the Ottawa Window Cleaners; we provide the best of Window Cleaning Service, Window Washing Service, Pressure Washing, and Window Cleaning for Homes.
Apart from window washing, we offer Ottawa Gutter Cleaning and professional Pressure Washing Services at affordable pricing. This ensures that your gutters are always clean, preventing blockages and allowing free flow, and get you to rid your home from dirt, debris, insect nests, bird droppings, cobwebs, and other substances that can devaluate the appearance of window glass.

Trusted Window Cleaners in the greater Ottawa area

For efficient window cleaning services, one that you can completely count on and have peace of mind; Litter Guyz is the trusted Window Cleaners in the greater Ottawa area that have helped thousands of residents and clients to get it right. You can trust us because our solutions are cost-effective, technically innovative and the best of quality service you can expect. Looking for the Best Window Cleaning Service Company Near Me, call now at 613-298-2239 provide you with the best cleaning service and experience possible.