Company Introduction

At Litter Guyz, our primary mission is to consistently deliver superior services. We help our clients to determine what their janitorial maintenance requirements are, and provide them with the most cost-effective solutions. Over the years, Litter Guyz has developed standards of excellence rooted in the belief that every organization has a unique set of needs and expectations that must be understood and met. We hire responsible individuals and train them carefully to develop the skills necessary to reach our standards. It takes more than knowledge and expertise to meet the needs of our clients. It takes a dedication to excellence and service – a commitment you will find within every Litter Guyz cleaning and maintenance professional.

Making The Right Choice

When retaining a professional janitorial maintenance company, you must find one that can be trusted to produce the results you need. Choosing among the myriad of competing firms is not an easy process. A good cleaning and maintenance professional must be able to create a maintenance program that matches your needs and minimizes costs and the disruption of your business. Knowing that your organization has a unique culture which must be understood before it can be properly serviced is essential.

Look for someone who takes the time to ask the right questions and listens carefully, gathering the information necessary to develop effective, tailor-made solutions. Spend time to evaluate credentials and references. Ask tough questions to make sure you will be comfortable working closely together.

Your maintenance advisor should understand the dimensions of facilities maintenance and be absolute enough to recognize the appropriate materials, supplies and equipment necessary to perform the varied tasks, just as you understand the dynamics of the business which you operate. Project management skills are also crucial. Your maintenance advisor must make the process as effortless for you as possible, allowing you to spend your valuable time conducting your business. Ultimately, your maintenance advisor should be available at all times to assist you with any additional services you may require.

Company Profile

Litter Guyz has serviced the comprehensive maintenance needs of Ottawa area companies since 2004. Our mission is to provide cost saving solutions to our clients maintenance needs. This is accomplished by understanding, analyzing and evaluating their specific maintenance requirements and financial objectives and customizing our services to accommodate those needs.

Litter Guyz has provided maintenance services to a wide range of buildings and users, including Office, Medical, Industrial, Government, Retail, Schools and Automobile Dealerships. We are also very active in construction clean up and detail work, and have been instrumental in establishing and implementing immediate and long term maintenance programs for our clients to ensure the cleanliness of their working environment, which ultimately effects employee productivity and happiness.

Equipment, Materials and Supplies

At Litter Guyz we provide our cleaning and maintenance crews with materials, supplies and equipment necessary to perform all of the required services. The supplies and equipment are vast and varied from; brooms, brushes, buckets, high speed buffing machines, detergents, disinfectants, ladders, mops, polishes, vacuum cleaners, etc. In most circumstances, restroom supplies such as paper towels, toilet tissue, toilet seat covers, hand soaps, deodorants and plastic liners can be easily included with the client being invoiced for same separately or the cost can be incorporated into the contract price.

Insurance and Surety Bond

Litter Guyz is licensed and bonded to protect our customers as well as ourselves. We can provide a Certificate of Liability Insurance along with a WSIB Certificate.

Security Provisions

Litter Guyz complies with all Security procedures and other restrictive regulations existing in our customer’s place of business. No person, other than authorized Litter Guyz maintenance crews, shall be permitted to enter the building during the time that Litter Guyz are on site. Persons other than Litter Guyz maintenance crews authorized to be in the building shall have their own means of entry without involving Litter Guyz cleaning and maintenance crews.

Keys to the building, when placed in Litter Guyz’s custody, will be accounted for at all times. They will be tagged with a customer code number (assigned internally by Litter Guyz), and the name and address of Litter Guyz. With our client’s consent, Litter Guyz will retain duplicate keys in our safe for emergency and supervisory requirements.

Litter Guyz Identification and Personnel Policy

All Litter Guyz maintenance crews are screened, trained and monitored for job proficiency, safety and reliability. All Litter Guyz maintenance crews are provided with, and required to continuously wear an identification pass showing that he or she is part of a Litter Guyz maintenance crew. If, at any time, any Litter Guyz maintenance crew or person is unsatisfactory, for any reason whatsoever, upon notification, such person or crew shall be immediately replaced and removed from the performance of any work within the premises.

Contractual Flexibility and Additional Services

In the event our customers require, or request, that Litter Guyz perform services in addition to, or different from, work previously specified, Litter Guyz shall bill for such services an amount as may be from time to time mutually agreed upon. However, it is Litter Guyz’s intent that the building shall always be maintained to our customer’s complete satisfaction, and any minor requirements, although not specifically mentioned, are implied and will be included in the maintenance of the building.

Supervision and Inspections

Continuous on-the-job supervision and regular critical inspections are conducted by Litter Guyz management to assure proper job performance and our customer’s complete satisfaction. The consistent, reliable workmanship of Litter Guyz maintenance crews is our fundamental objective. Litter Guyz is at your service in an emergency or whenever special needs arise. We pride ourselves on handling customer problems swiftly and efficiently, and are committed to executing every detail of our cleaning maintenance program to their satisfaction.

Communication and Reporting

Communication and reporting skills are imperative. Litter Guyz makes the process as effortless for our customers as possible, allowing them to spend their valuable time conducting their business. Litter Guyz management establishes direct contact with our client’s to insure that any questions, comments, emergencies or requests can be discussed with Litter Guyz on an as needed basis. Monthly meetings are also encouraged to ensure quality control. Additionally, Litter Guyz management and crew supervisors maintain 24-hour immediate response monitoring via an alpha-numeric paging system. We will always be a phone call away!

Statement of Work

Based on Litter Guyz’s understanding of the services to be provided and their initial walkthrough of the building, Litter Guyz undertakes their assignments by performing various customized maintenance tasks on a daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly basis.


It is Litter Guyz’s continuing objective to yield our clients complete satisfaction by providing quality service at a reasonable cost.

The Litter Guyz Ethic

Since our inception in 2004, we have developed a corporate culture that embraces openness and honesty. We are locally owned operated, and involved in the supervision and direction of every project. We have sought out hard-working, responsible individuals who actively participate in the success of our company. Litter Guyz management, crews and supervisors work together as a team of trained janitorial professionals where information, knowledge and expertise are openly and deliberately exchanged -a feature that greatly benefits our clients.